Easy to install and user-friendly, the TruVision® TVRMobile app allows you to monitor and interact with TruVision and UltraSync video surveillance equipment from virtually anywhere in the world. Robust and responsive, you can view up to 16 channels of live video at the same time or playback up to four cameras simultaneously. With TVRMobile, you can also enable/disable two-way live audio, providing you an effective way to communicate with the situation being viewed.

TVRMobile gives you the ability to record live video directly to your mobile device. It also comes with a range of useful features and controls, such as swipe PTZ camera control, landscape mode, snapshots, bookmarks and favorites that make accessing video quick and easy. For added convenience, TVRMobile also provides real-time alarm alert notifications from supported TruVision devices directly to your phone or tablet, enabling you to react to ongoing events quickly and effectively.

The TVRMobile app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices. Scalable to meet your ever-changing security needs, up to 100 devices can be added to the TVRMobile app at one time. Access to the app can be controlled with password protection.


TVRMobile App

Download TruVision TVRMobile for Android is compatible with Android 5.0 or later
Download TruVision TVRMobile for Apple iOS is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later

This app provides support for the following devices:
•    TruVision TVR 10, 11, 12HD, 15HD, 40, 41, 44HD, 45HD, and 60 Digital Video Recorders
•    TruVision TVN 10, 11, 20, 21, 21P, 21S, 22, 22P, 22S, 50, 70, and 71 Network Video Recorders
•    Select TruVision IP cameras (with built-in SD card slots)

Standard Features
  • Supports TruVision H.265 devices
  • Universal app runs on tablet or phone
  • View in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • View 1, 4, 9 or 16 channels on either tablet or phone
  • Transcode one channel in playback
  • Playback speed configurable up to 16x
  • Record snapshots, live video, or recorded video directly to a mobile device and export using standard methods such as text, email, etc.
  • Support live view by page and switch pages via gesture
  • Support PTZ control via gesture and ability to set and recall presets
  • Zoom into timeline with hand gesture
  • Supports TruVision residential/UltraSync cameras
  • Camera names can be added in list of devices
  • Favorites tagging for easy access to cameras
  • Real time video monitoring via TruVision recorders and select TruVision cameras
  • Supports hardware decoding for live view and HD playback
  • Capability to control main or Sub-streams from devices for bandwidth management
  • Supports sub-stream playback (if device supports it)
  • Alarm push notification
  • Control device alarm outputs remotely
  • Audio support
  • Add up to 100 entries into the address book
  • Supports IPV6
  • Remote connection via WI-FI® or cellular data networks
  • Ability to monitor mobile data usage
  • Traffic stats shows how much data has been used
  • Displays the quick operation guide and main features of the software
  • Automatic check for app version update

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