TruVision Navigator v8

Unified Security Solution


TruVision® Navigator v 8  by Interlogix brings together TruVision video, TruPortal access control, UltraSync intrusion, and IFS® network switches into one centralized interface.

The system delivers powerful software capabilities and allows users to manage their TruVision-based video surveillance systems while the advanced features provide integration with other Interlogix security platforms.

TruVision Navigator v 8 is a 64-bit application with GPU support offering high performance on a properly equipped computer. The application is also a fully scalable solution that can be used as a standalone application, or deployed in a server/client environment.

Note: Due to the nature of Navigator v8 being a 64-bit application, the following recorders are no longer compatible with Nav 8:

DSR, DVMRE, DVSE, DVSR, DVR30, DVR31, NVR40, StoreSafe, SVR, SymDec and must be removed from any existing Navigator database before installation. Users of these legacy recorders should download and use Navigator v7.1.

Standard Features
  • TruVision video, TruPortal access control, UltraSync instrusion and IFS® switch device discovery
  • Map display of camera locations with interactive camera control, and door locations with TruPortal™ door control integration
  • Add UltraSync intusion zones and sensors to maps
  • Arm/disarm UltraSync panels from map or device tree
  • Global arm/disarm UltraSync panels
  • Link UltraSync intrusion events to cameras
  • View camera names and bandwidth on each port on select IFS switches
  • Control PoE on each port on select IFS switches to reboot cameras
  • Built-in Device Manager provides easy activation and set-up of TruVision devices
  • Up to 10 video tabs for efficient video display management
  • Custom views that allow user-specified groups of video streams and sequencing
  • The ability to automatically pause video streams that are not being viewed
  • Logical view to customize the video device tree
  • Video bookmarking with bookmark manager
  • Logical device filtering helps to minimize nuisance alarms
  • Live video displayed on event monitor when triggered by alarm event
  • Live/playback video viewing from TruVision® IP cameras (w/SD cards)
  • Standalone and client/server architecture that supports server offline mode
  • Remote device configuration and client software distribution
  • Task scheduling and main video stream control that helps reduce bandwidth needs during peak network traffic periods
  • Tamper monitoring uses a reference image to identify camera tampering
  • TruVision Player which plays back exported video with a max 16-up display with print and snapshot capability, synchronous playback, timeline search and full-screen mode
  • Remote focus/zoom control functions
  • Built-in TruVision 360° camera de-warping
  • Defined groups and user permissions
  • Automatic health diagnostic service to maintain system uptime
  • Audit trails and report exporting
  • Built-in device diagnostics and reporting
  • Optional USB keypad/joystick

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