VT1500WDM-Pelco Series

IFS Video with Reverse Data


The IFS® VT1500WDM-Pelco Series is a miniature video transmitter and data receiver using one multi-mode fiber optic cable. It plugs directly into the Pelco SPECTRA III and SPECTRA IV DOME data converter connector. The VT1500WDM-Pelco has identical performance as the standard VT1500WDM and is compatible with the standard VR1500WDM (R3). Designed for easy and fast installation the VT1500WDM-Pelco has no external electrical connections and requires no external power.

Standard Features
  • AM Video Transmission
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM Compatible
  • Full Color Compatibility
  • Supports Pelco RS-422 Data Interface
  • Transparent to Data Encoding
  • Full Range Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • No In-field Electrical or Optical Adjustments Required
  • Integrated WDM for Greater Product Reliability
  • Distances up to 2.5 miles (4 km) without Repeaters
  • Available in FiberPak™
  • Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty

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Video Receiver / Data Transmitter, MM, 1 Fiber (1310/850 nm)


Video Receiver/Data Transmitter, MM, 1 Fiber (1310/850 nm), Contact Closure


Video Receiver/Data Transmitter, MM, 1 Fiber (1310/850 nm), Contact Closure, Rack Mount


Video Receiver / Data Transmitter, MM, 1 Fiber (1310/850 nm), Rack Mount


Video Transmitter / Data Receiver, MM, 1 Fiber, Pelco SPECTRA III

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