SDX-135Z Wireless Smoke Detector with Heat and Freeze Sensor



The Interlogix® SDX-135Z photoelectric smoke detector with heat and freeze sensor features wireless connectivity, a 10-year sealed battery and sensor life, a built-in sounder, diagnostic/status LED, integrated fixed-temperature and rate-of-rise heat sensor, and a separate enrollment pre-freeze condition sensor. 

Standard Features
  • Works with all Interlogix Learn Mode Panels: Simon®, Concord®, UltraSync®, and NetworX
  • Wireless interconnection between detectors independent of control panel
  • 319.5MHz crystal transmitter sends alarm, tamper maintenance and low battery communication to control panel
  • Sensor and battery life ensures 10 years of continuous operation
  • Restorable, built-in, 135°F (57°C) rate-of-rise heat sensor with additional pre-freeze indication at 41°F (5°C)
  • Built-in 85dB temporal 3 and temporal 4 sounder with status LED
  • UL listed to UL217 and UL268, CAN/ULC-S531, CSFM
  • Available simultaneous use as a smoke/heat detector and freeze sensor
  • Push-to-test capabilities for local device only and/or system initiating test
  • Self-activation when attached to mounting bracket (included)
  • Three-year warranty
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Wireless interconnected photoelectric smoke detector with heat and freeze sensor, sounder, UL 217, UL 268, ULC S531

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