ESL Smoke! in a Can

Aerosol Spray for Functional Testing of Smoke Detectors


NFPA 72, Table 7.2.2, states that “detectors shall be tested in place to ensure smoke entry into the sensing chamber and an alarm response.” Smoke! in a Can® lets you meet this requirement without contaminating the detector, without affecting its sensitivity, and without increasing the risk of false alarms. 

Standard Features
  • Meets NFPA Functional Test Requirements
  • Does Not Contaminate Detector
  • Evaporates Completely
  • Non-toxic Formula w/No CFCs
  • MSDS Sheet on Back of Easy-to-peel-off Label
  • Optional Tube Available to Snap on Can Slows Down Aerosol and Ensures Can is Held Proper Distance Away from Smoke Detector
Ordering Information



Smoke! in a Can® Extension Tube. Use w/SM-200 To Direct Smoke Flow

SM200 -12PKG

Smoke! in a Can®. Canned Smoke for Functional Testing. Item Requires Ground Shipment, 12-Pack

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