No Telemarketing Policy Statement

UTC Fire & Security Americas Corporation, Inc. (UTCFSA), formerly known as GE Security, Inc., does not sell security equipment directly to consumers, place any telemarketing calls, or authorize third parties to place telemarketing calls on its behalf or in connection with the sale of its security equipment. Additionally, UTCFSA does not authorize or license any third party retailer to represent themselves as “United Technologies,” “Interlogix,” or “GE,” which is a trademark of the General Electric Company. UTCFSA also does not authorize any third parties to incorporate any of those brand names into the retailer’s own name.    

UTCFSA has been forwarded a number of complaints regarding illegal telemarketing calls placed to consumers in connection with the sale of home security systems.  Many of these calls involve a third party retailer offering free security equipment manufactured by UTCFSA or other manufacturers in exchange for the consumer entering into a fixed-term agreement for alarm monitoring services (e.g. $39.99 for 36 months). In certain cases the callers are claiming to be an affiliate of GE using fictitious names such as GE Home Security or GE Alarms.    

It is important for consumers to understand that UTCFSA is not placing any of these calls and UTCFSA has not hired or authorized any third parties to place these calls. The company has not, and has no authority to, license a third party to refer to themselves as GE Home Security or any other name incorporating GE, which is a trademark of the General Electric Company.  

Additionally, UTCFSA does not provide alarm monitoring services and does not receive any compensation related to alarm monitoring services provided by any distributor, dealer or third party.

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