TruVision® Navigator

Download the latest free version of TruVision Navigator with great features for managing your TruVision system. So you can experience all that TruVision Navigator has to offer, we are including a free 7-day trial of additional advanced features, including advanced video capabilities, TruPortal™ access control integration and IFS® network switch web client integration. After 7 days, the advanced features will be disabled, but the core software will continue to operate.

Usage & Access Options

There is only one version of TruVision Navigator software to download, and it includes both standard and advanced features. However, there are three ways that you can access TruVision Navigator software. Choose the option that meets your needs, complete the accompanying form, then start using this powerful and advanced VMS solution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of Navigator v9 being a 64-bit application, the following recorders are no longer compatable with Nav 9: DSR, DVMRE, DVSE, DVSR, DVR30, DVR31, NVR40, StoreSafe, SVR, SymDec and must be removed from any existing Navigator database before installation. Users of these legacy recorders should download and use Navigator v7.1.

*Software License Required

Important licensing information.

In order to license advanced features, visit your Interlogix distributor to obtain a confirmation number, and be ready to enter the six-digit code from the end user’s workstation. This code can be found in the TruVision Navigator drop-down menu under "License". Please note that if the end user is running in Server Client mode, only one license will be needed; if running in standalone mode, a license for each workstation will be required.


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