VE Series

Vector Enhanced Motion Sensors


Aritech Vector Enhanced Motion Sensors (VE Series) feature highly advanced and sophisticated optics that provide precise detection and superior performance. The unique optical mirror technology uses a step and gliding focus feature that creates 11 continuous curtains resulting in sensors that provide maximum coverage density of up to 200'.

Standard Features
  • Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor
  • Step and Gliding Focus, Multi-Curtain Mirror
  • Plug-in Electronics
  • Sealed Optics
  • Vector Verified Enhanced Detection Algorithm
  • Full Under-crawl Detection
  • No Adjustment Required for Different Mounting Heights
  • Pry-off and Cover Tamper
  • UL/ULC Listed
Ordering Information


Vector PIR, DSP, 20m, 11 Curtains


200' Mirror Optic PIR, 11 Curtains, NC Relay PIR w/Memory - V2E Tech


60m PIR, 11 Curtains, NO+NC



Wall/Ceiling Mount Bracket (± 45º horizontal, 0º or -5º vertical)


Pry-off Tamper Kit


Laser Beam, Long-range Alignment Tool for VE700 Family

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