UltraSync Modular Hub Smart Power Supply


The UltraSync® Modular Hub Smart Power Supply provides additional auxiliary power, battery backup capacity, bus length extension and optical bus isolation.

When additional battery backup capacity is required, an additional battery can be installed (up to two), affording you the flexibility to configure the module for a variety of system design requirements.

This module provides the option to extend the RS-485 bus length up to an additional 2,600 ft. (800m). Up to eight smart power supplies can be used per system.

For convenience, two hardwired zones and two programmable relays are available.

Standard Features
  • Designed exclusively for the UltraSync Modular Hub
  • Simple installation
  • Provides additional current and battery backup capacity
  • 2 hardwired zone inputs
  • 2 programmable relays
  • Fully supervised by panel
  • Provides optical bus isolation and bus length extension
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UltraSync Modular Hub Smart Power Supply

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Las Vegas, NV • Jan. 5–8, 2017

Come see the innovative UltraSync SmartHome system at CES 2017.

Visit booth #40563 and play to win an UltraSync system