UltraSync® Modular Hub, part of the UltraSync Series of smart security products by Interlogix®, is a smart security system ideal for residential installations requiring hardwired and/or wireless intrusion systems, as well as light commercial applications. With advanced features, industry-leading functionality and user-friendly operation, it delivers complete, cost-effective security, life safety, video and smart device, and interactive control.

The UltraSync Modular Hub supports an optional Z-Wave® radio, which lets users control Z-Wave lights, thermostats and locks via the UltraSync® mobile application available for iOS® and Android® devices. Users can create up to 500 zones (192 wireless) of intrusion detection and life safety coverage, as well as 96 partitions to separately secure multiple areas of a property. And since it can support up to 256 users, the UltraSync Modular Hub has the flexibility to adapt to future security needs. 

As part of the UltraSync family of products, the UltraSync Modular Hub helps set a new industry standard for scalability and flexibility, enabling security installers to leverage a single platform for all their installation needs- from small, wireless-only projects to a 500-zone, combination hardwired and wireless intrusion system.

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Standard Features
  • Compatible with UltraSync 7" TouchScreen
  • Hardwired and wireless touchscreen support
  • Base system supports eight hardwired zones and five outputs
  • Optional zone expansion modules for additional hardwired zones
  • Optional wireless expansion module for wireless sensor support
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet port (RJ-45)
  • Integrated PSTN dialer
  • Optional cellular modem designed for failover or primary system communication
  • Optional Z-Wave module
  • Optional relay expansion modules for hardwired output control
  • Native web server for programming flexibility from local or remote PC or smart devices
  • Upload/download support with DLX 900
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • UltraSync smartphone/tablet app for iOS and Android devices
  • Integrated support for IP camera, including viewing of live video and replay of captured alarm- or action-triggered video events
  • Up to 500 hardwired zones
  • 192 wireless sensors (optional)
  • 64 keyfobs (optional)
  • 96 partitions
  • 256 users
  • 16 cameras
  • Color-coded keypad status bar for easy visual identification of system status
  • Residential and commercial UL/ULC Burglary
  • Residential UL/ULC Fire
  • Seamless interface with MASrecv™
  • Supports SIA and CID reporting formats
  • Complies with FCC and Industry Canada regulations
Ordering Information


UltraSync Modular Hub Cellular Module


UltraSync Modular Hub Wireless Expansion Module


UltraSync™ Modular 500- Zone CPU with IP and PSTN


UltraSync Modular Hub Smart Power Supply


UltraSync Modular Hub 3.5" TouchScreen Keypad


UltraSync Modular Hub 8-Zone Expansion Module


UltraSync Modular Hub 20-Zone Expansion Module


UltraSync Modular Hub 4-Relay Expansion Module


UltraSync Modular Hub 10-Relay Expansion Module


UltraSync Modular Hub Commercial Metal Enclosure w/Tamper

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