Outdoor Motion Sensors

PIR and Dual Technology


Strong outdoor illumination is a great deterrent to nocturnal crime, but leaving lights on all night is a costly waste of energy. Outdoor motion sensors that only turn on when movement is detected provide an energy- and cost-efficient way to protect your business or property against nighttime break-ins.

Motion sensors work by sensing movement in a given area where the sensor is installed. Once that sensor is tripped, light floods that vicinity and illuminates anyone and anything in the area. There are many different types of motion sensor technology available, everything from microwave to infrared and ultrasonic to vibration.

Microwave-based sensors are an ideal option for covering large areas. This technology sends out microwave pulses and then measures the reflection of any object in motion. Passive infrared (PIR) technology is the most common type of sensor used in motion detectors. It works by detecting body heat. Once the heat levels rapidly change, the sensors ‘trip’, setting off the lights, alarm, or whatever the sensors are designed to do. Dual technology motion sensors—like those offered by Interlogix—combine different types of motion sensor technology to help reduce false alarms. Ultrasonic sensors use high frequency pulses to detect movement. When those frequencies are bounced back from a moving object, the sensor is tripped and activated. And, vibration-based sensors detect movement through a lever with a small mass on it, if it vibrates at all due to movement nearby, then the sensor will be tripped.

Used in some of the most high-risk applications, Interlogix™ outdoor motion sensors feature patented technology to deliver outstanding detection coverage. Superior mirror optics provide smooth, continuous focus over a large coverage area, while industry-leading sensor analytics can distinguish shape, duration, speed, size and environmental noise to offer true security and virtually eliminate false alarms.

DI601, DDI602U-F1, and TX-2810-01-4 outdoor motion sensor units use two independent passive infrared sensors to detect and confirm movement. The DDI602U-F1 and TX-2810-01-4 units are dual-tech variants that includes both a PIR and microwave sensor, increasing the effectiveness and accuracy of detection. They require all three sensors (two PIR plus the microwave) to trigger in order for the detector to signal an alarm, helping to prevent the occurrence of false alarms.

Built to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, the sensor module on the Interlogix outdoor sensors is hidden behind UV-rated thermal plastic. The outdoor sensors are able to operate at temperatures of between -22°F and 145°F. And, they also possess high dust and humidity resistance (IP65), with a selectable range control of between 33' to 98'.  These sensors can be wired or wireless.

Standard Features
  • Selectable Electronic Range Setting
  • Attractive Aesthetics
  • 10~70º Detection Angle
  • 180º Pan and 90º Tilt for Flexible Install
  • Sensor Module is Hidden
  • Built-in EOL Resistors
  • High Dust and Humidity Resistance (IP65)
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Back Tamper Switch
  • Adjustable Pulse Count
  • Masking Sliders to Modify Field of View
Ordering Information


Outdoor PIR Detector, 33/66/98' (10/20/30m) Selectable


Outdoor Dual Technology PIR Detector, 10.525 GHZ, 33/66/82' (10/20/25m) Selectable


Wireless 319.5 MHz Gen 2 Outdoor PIR



Walk Tester for DI601 and DDI602 Series. Used During Installation of Motion Sensors; when PIR Detects Motion, an LED and Sounder Provide Notification; Range Up to 150'

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