As the foundation of the Monitor XL security system, the Monitor XL Control Panel holds the entire user database and all system information and operates independently in non-volatile memory. The base Prime model supports 1,000 users, while the base Enterprise model supports 4,000 users, or up to 64,000 with additional memory.
Standard Features
  • Base Prime Model Supports 1,000 Users
  • Base Enterprise Model Supports 4,000 Users, or Up to 64,000 w/Additional Memory
  • Can be Configured Using LCD Keypad Module or Director Software
  • Includes 12 Inputs and can Expand to 256 by Adding LCD Keypads and Expander Modules
  • Includes Two Relay Outputs and can Expand to 128 by Adding Expander w/V-BUS Output Modules
  • Prime Software Supports One XL Panel w/a Maximum of 16 Doors
  • Enterprise and Enterprise Elite Software Support 250 XL Panels w/a Maximum of 32 Doors Each for a Total of 8,000 Doors per Database
Ordering Information


Main Panel NA Enclosure


Main Panel EU Enclosure w/230V Transformer


Main Panel NA Enclosure w/FEB


Main Panel EU Enclosure w/FEB & 230V Transformer


Main Panel UL Enclosure


Main Panel UL Enclosure w/FEB


Main Panel NA Enclosure w/IP Module


Main Panel UL Enclosure w/IP Module

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