Mirror Optic PIR

360° Dual Ceiling Mount


The Ceiling Mount PIR with Dual Optic Technology incorporates two independent pyros, two separate ASICs and two 180° mirrors that provide two independent 180° fields of view. This design enables the detector to substantially increase the overall volume of its coverage area, providing superior detection performance and enhanced false alarm immunity.

Standard Features
  • Dual Optic Technology
  • Two 180° Mirrors, Two Pyros and Two ASICs for Superior Detection and Enhanced False Alarm Immunity
  • AP Series Adaptive Passive Infrared Technology
  • 60' Diameter 360° Coverage
  • 18 Full Curtains Provide Superior Detection at All Mounting Heights (8~16 ft.)
  • Head and Base Style Unit Adjusts 15° in Either Direction for Easier Aiming
  • 180° Shunt Provides Flexibility to Use Only One Half of the Unit‘s Field of View when Necessary
Ordering Information


Optional “Base Plate” Used for 569 Retrofit Applications (fits 4" Octagonal Electrical Box)


Mirror Optic PIR, Ceiling Mount, Two 180° Mirror Segments, Two Pyros and Two ASICs for Superior Detection. 18 Full Curtains. 60' Diameter Range; 360°

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