Learn Mode Shock Sensor

Wireless Door/Window Sensor


Designed for use with all Interlogix® control panels, the Learn Mode Shock Sensor is an excellent first line of defense by detecting the possibility of an intrusion due to forced entry. Featuring a unique, advanced microcontroller, the wireless sensor detects vibrations made by an intruder when trying to break or open a window or door before they enter the premises. The sensor also contains two internal reed switches allowing it to be used like a standard door/window contact.

Standard Features
  • Shock Sensor Microcontroller Can Detect Both Violent Blows, as well as Continual Tapping or Rapping
  • DIP Switch Settings Offer Convenient Adjustment of Pulse Count, Violent Blows and the Ability to Enable and Disable the Reed Switch
  • Tamper Switch Detects Potential Disablement or Damage to the Sensor by an Intruder
  • A Wide Range of Installment Options are Ideal when Either Door/Window Sensors or Motion Detection Devices are Not Practical
  • Two Internal Reed Switches
  • Designed for Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
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Learn Mode Shock Sensor, Brown



Learn Mode Shock Sensor, White

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