G-Prox III Readers have the unique ability to read standard G-Prox I (HID®) cards and G-Prox II cards concurrently. Customers that have standardized on HID® technology can now take advantage of the arming station functionality previously available only with G-Prox II readers. G-Prox III readers may be installed with other HID® long-range readers where needed.

Standard Features
  • Support G-Prox I (HID) and Standard G-Prox II Tokens Concurrently
  • Mini, Mullion and Switchplate Models
  • Mullion and Switchplate Models Available w/Integrated Touch Keypad
  • Keypad Readers Support PIN, Card, and Card+PIN Modes
  • Keypad Models also Support G-Prox II and HID Arming Stations
Ordering Information


Mullion Reader


Mini Reader


Switchplate Keypad Arming Station Reader


Switchplate Reader


Mullion Keypad Arming Station Reader

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