Director Integrated Software

Prime and Enterprise


Director software offers a higher level of management and control, seamlessly integrating intrusion, access control and video into an intuitive user interface. Going beyond a typical alarm monitoring interface, the software provides central database management, monitoring of transactions and alarms, system configuration, pane programming, graphical maps and system reports.

If upgrading from v4.77 or earlier:
1.) Install v.4.78
2.) Convert the db up to v4.78
3.) Back db up prior to proceeding with the 5.0 installation

Click here to view our NEW software Verex 5.0

Note: a User name and Password can be obtained by contacting Interlogix Technical Support [email protected]




Standard Features
  • Integrated Intrusion Detection, Access Control and Video Surveillance
  • Network Command and Control of Up to 250 Panels per System
  • Director Prime: Manages Up to 16 Doors, 256 Inputs and 1000 Users
  • Director Enterprise: Manages Up to 1,920 Doors, 15,000 Inputs and 10,000 Users
  • Director Enterprise Elite: Manages Up to 8000 Doors, 64,000 Inputs and 64,000 Users
  • Standard w/Each Director Software Package is One DVR Interface Managing Up to 16 Cameras
  • Director Enterprise and Director Enterprise Elite can Support Up to 500 DVRs per System w/Additional Licenses*
  • Manage the System through Direct Connect, Dial Up and TCP/IP Connectivity
  • Input Command Points Support Advanced System Integration w/Up to 20 Advanced Custom Point Types per Panel
  • Multiple Views Available Including Visual Director that Allows Interactive Graphic Maps
  • Integrated Elevator Cab Door Control
  • Video Integration Compatible w/Verex Embedded DVRs, March Networks R4 & R5 DVRs, Interlogix® TruVision® DVRs, Hikvision Cameras
  • Camera Call Up upon Alarm
  • Pull Up Video Events
  • *TruVision DVR Licensing is Not Required for Director v4.90 and Higher
Ordering Information


Photo Badging Integration Software, (Package - Includes integrated EPISUITE GuardDraw)


Software Support Agreement for Director Prime Software


Software Support Agreement for Director Enterprise Software


Software Support Agreement for Director Enterprise Elite Software


Add 1 Other DVR - March R4 or R5 (to a maximum of 500)


Add 5 Other DVRs - March R4 or R5 (to a maximum of 500)


Add 50 Other DVRs


Software Support Agreement for Director Enterprise Elite Advanced Software


Add 1 Interlogix DVR (to a maximum of 500)


Add 5 Interlogix DVRs (to a maximum of 500)


Add 50 Interlogix DVRs (to a maximum of 500)


Expand panels from 60 to 100 and Communication Ports from 3 to 10


Expand panels from 100 to 250 and Communication Ports from 10 to 25


Expand panels from 60 to 250 and Communication Ports from 3 to 25


Add 5 GUI Clients (to a maximum of 50)


Director Prime Management Software


Director Prime to Enterprise Upgrade Software (no key)


Director Enterprise Management Software


Director Enterprise to Enterprise Elite Upgrade Software (no key)


Director Enterprise Elite Management Software


Director Enterprise Elite to Enterprise Elite Advanced (no key)

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