Barrier Bars

for Hard to Secure Windows


Barrier bars safeguard hard-to-protect windows. Basement windows, jalousies, air-conditioning ducts or attic vents... preventing unauthorized entry into these kinds of perimeter openings has always been a tough challenge. Not for our Barrier Bars – they're made for securing hard-to-protect perimeter openings. The unique design of Barrier Bars protects a building in two ways. First, their sturdy appearance deters unauthorized entry. Second, any attempt to remove the bar triggers an alarm. This combination of visual deterrent and alarm system effectively discourages would-be intruders from unauthorized access to a building anytime, day or night.

Standard Features
  • Springload Design Installs in Seconds
  • Alarm Protection and Visual Deterrent
  • Strong, Epoxy-based Adhesive Mount
  • Fits 12" (305mm) to 40"+ (1016mm+) Openings
  • Works w/Hardwire or Wireless Systems

Marketing Materials

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Magnapull Heavy Duty Magnetic Pull-Apart Cord, SPDT, Protect Boats, Trailers and Heavy Equipment. Durable, Heavy Gauge Construction. 3’ Stainless Steel Armored Cable. Single Pole-Double Throw, Gray


Angle Mounting Brackets for Mounting Barrier Bar on Shallow or Slanted Window Frames, Not UL Listed


Barrier Bar Perimeter Alarm Switch. Fits Windows 12” to 40”, Plastic Bar


Barrier Bar Mercury Tilt Switch. Fits Windows 12” to 40”. For Use w/Tilt-Style Windows Often Found in Basements, Plastic Bar


Barrier Bar Mercury Tilt Switch, Reinforced, 20-Pack, Fits Windows 12” to 40”. For Use w/Tilt-Style Windows Often Found in Basements. Metal Reinforced Bar

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