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Stay current and update your skill sets on the latest security technology from Interlogix. These training sessions provide resources to improve technical knowledge, sales opportunities and business development to make your team more productive and successful in the marketplace.

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Course 1: Analog Video Essentials (0.2 CEU)

Basic understanding of the visible and near-visible energy spectrum, image sensors (and sensor types), spectral response charts, video signal components, light and lighting requirements for video cameras, camera lenses, aperture, “f” stops, field of view, focal length, analog video transmission methods & limitations, cable termination & methods, signal reflection, video troubleshooting

Course 2: Networking Essentials (0.2 CEU)

Basic understanding of LAN networks, network segments, network topology, IP addressing, private vs. public addressing, Subnet addressing, MAC addresses, Peer-Peer & Server vs. Client models, OSI models, TCP, UDP, Unicasting, Multicasting, Hubs, Network switches, routers, bandwidth, network troubleshooting

Course 3: IP Video Essentials (0.2 CEU)

Basic understanding of IP video vs. analog video (amplitude & resolution), Video Compression Standards, continual refresh vs. conditional refresh, MJPEG vs. MPEG4 & H.264, H.264 Video Compression, higher processor, memory demand at compression and decompression, disadvantages/advantages of conditional refresh, digital Video Resolution, unicasting vs. multicasting, mainstream vs. substream, bandwidth, video storage requirements, IP video troubleshooting.

Course 4: Verex Technical Training   Open to Verex dealers only

Monitor xL and Director Intrusion, Access and Video Integration. Training overview includes Subnetting, xL Hardware Setup, LCD Keypad Plus, IP Module V3 Configuration, Director Demonstration, Director Communications, Director Configuration (Commercial 3 Area Systems with Intrusion and Access Control), Backup and Restore, Flash MONITOR xL Firmware, Director Client-Server, and Director Video Integration Workshops

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